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Safety First: A Special visit from Constable Zac at Carlingford ELC - a Carlingford Preschool

We received a visit from Zac, a local constable! Thanks for visiting our Carlingford Preschool

24/06/24 | Written by Amie Andrews, Nominated Supervisor

Carlingford Police Officer Zac Visits our Preschool

It’s not every day that community heroes visit, but this week was special at Carlingford Early Learning Centre (ELC). We were excited to welcome Constable Zac from our local Police Station.

Constable Zac took time out of his busy day to meet with our preschool students at Carlingford ELC. His goal? To teach our young learners about the important role safety plays in our community. This lesson is a key part of our early learning programs, helping children recognise and respect the people, places, and practices that keep us secure in our day to day lives.

Taking advantage of this unique learning opportunity, Constable Zac shared interesting facts and stories about his work in the community. The children listened attentively, eager to learn this important safety information. His friendly approach made the lesson not only educational but also engaging, reinforcing the importance of community connections for the children here at Carlingford ELC.

We can’t thank Constable Zac and his colleagues enough for their dedication to law enforcement and community safety. His visit gave our Carlingford preschoolers a glimpse into the valuable work they do, inspiring admiration and appreciation in the hearts of our young students.

At Carlingford ELC, we believe in engaging with our community beyond our center’s walls. We strive to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for early learning while also building connections with local heroes, helping our children understand the broader community they are a part of.

Whether it’s a visit from local police like Constable Zac or other community engagements, we believe these experiences are crucial for the holistic development of our preschoolers. They help build cognitive and social skills that are essential for their growth.

Once again, a big thank you to the local Police Station and Constable Zac for their time and effort. Visits like these reinforce our commitment to early learning within a community context, showing that we are more than just a childcare center. We are a hub of learning and community connection in Carlingford. 

By embracing safety, community, and learning, we’re proud to be one of the most committed and inclusive preschools in Carlingford. If you’re looking for a Carlingford preschool, we recommend you book a tour.