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Are you looking for a great place for your child to learn and grow? You’re in the right spot! Our centre in Carlingford is all about giving kids a fun and safe place to explore and learn.

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Creating Learners For Life

Children’s early years are super important. That’s why we make sure our centre feels like a big, happy family. Kids get to play, learn, and make friends in a place that feels just right. Our teachers love what they do and are great at making learning fun.

What We Offer

We have all sorts of programs for kids from babies to those ready for school. Our centre has the latest toys and learning tools to make each day exciting. Whether it’s painting, reading, or outdoor play, there’s always something fun happening. Most importantly, our educators care about the development of each child. We’re a friendly preschool, and have a small turnover rate (really good sign!). 

Preschool Fun and Learning

Getting ready for school is a big step. Our preschool program helps kids get there with confidence. We mix learning with play in a way that makes sense for each child. It’s all about helping them be their best selves.

Tailored Learning Journeys for Each Child

We take pride in being a small, closely-knit centre. This unique aspect of our environment is a key to unlocking personalized, meaningful learning experiences for every child.

Being small in size allows us to truly know each child – their likes, dislikes, strengths, and areas where they need more encouragement. This deep understanding enables us to craft learning journeys that are as unique as the children themselves. We’re all about adapting our approach to fit the individual needs and pace of each learner.

In a smaller setting, children receive more one-on-one attention from educators. This means questions get answered, curiosities get explored, and achievements are celebrated with the enthusiasm they deserve! Every child feels seen and important, boosting their self-esteem and encouraging them to engage more deeply with their learning.

Choose the Best Childcare in Carlingford - Carlingford ELC

  • Learning is Fun Here: We believe learning should be exciting and joyful. We’ve designed our programs to spark a love of learning that will last.
  • Our Teachers are the Best: They’re skilled, loving, and excited about teaching. They make sure every child feels special.
  • Easy to Get Here: Our centre in Carlingford is easy for families in Sydney to reach.
  • We’re a Community: We love it when families join in our events and activities. It makes our centre a better place for everyone.

Come Join Us!

Picking the right childcare is a big decision. At Carlingford Early Learning Centre, we’re all about giving kids a wonderful start in life. Enquire today – we’d love to meet you and your child!

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