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We Program with Purpose!

The Tadpoles

0-2 Years

Focusing on developmental-specific activities, we focus on learning through play. There’s a strong prioritisation of meeting and exceeding needs through routine, love and care.

The Goldfish

2-3 Years

Designed to foster growth and development, our eductators utilise a variety of strategies to respond to interests and needs, ensuring meaningful development in each child. 

The Dolphins

3-6 Years

Building and maintaining respectful relationships, nurturing growth, and helping to regulate emotions are our top priorities for our School Readiness Program. We ensure that your child is ready for “big school”

The Tadpoles

Our Early Years Program for Ages 0-2

In the Tadpole Room, we prioritise the critical early years, applying a holistic approach to nurture your baby’s growth.

In the nurturing embrace of our Tadpole Room, we deeply understand the significance of your infant’s formative years on their long-term development. Our dedicated team of early childhood educators is passionately committed to supporting your baby’s emotional, social, and physical growth. Employing proven approaches such as the Circle of Security, Attachment Theory, and the Key Educator System, we offer a warm, flexible environment that respects and adapts to the individual patterns and needs of your child.

From engaging in sensory play to encouraging the first steps of communication, our goal is to be there for every milestone, fostering a journey filled with love, security, and discovery.Activities in the Tadpole Room are designed to stimulate sensory exploration and promote emerging communication skills. We incorporate a variety of textures, sounds, and visually stimulating materials to engage your baby’s curiosity.

Childcare Program

The Goldfish

Our Toddler Program for Ages 2-3

As toddlers, your children are embarking on a thrilling path of discovery and learning. The Goldfish Room is their launchpad into a world where curiosity leads to learning. Our educators, passionate about fostering a love for exploration, create engaging, hands-on experiences that promote cognitive and social development.

When stepping into the Goldfish Room, your child enters a world designed for exploration and the joy of discovery. Our expert team of child care educators excels in creating a welcoming atmosphere that encourages your little one to explore, learn, and grow in confidence.

At Carlingford ELC, we’re proud to offer a space where care, engagement, and laughter are the cornerstones of our approach, ensuring your child’s early years are both happy and enriching. Join our community where every day is an adventure filled with new learning opportunities and the joy of childhood discovery.

Carlingford Childcare

The Dolphins

Our School Readiness Program for Ages 3-6

The journey continues in our Dolphins Room, where we prepare your child for the exciting challenges ahead. As they move towards more structured learning, our environment is intentionally designed to spark curiosity, encourage resilience, and foster a lifelong love of learning. With a focus on project-based activities and enriching programs, we aim to provide an exceptional early learning experience.

The Dolphins Room is a sanctuary of imagination and inquiry, where we prepare your preschooler for the exciting transition to formal schooling. Our environment is meticulously crafted to encourage resilience, confidence, and a passion for learning. Through project-based learning and stimulating enrichment programs, we ignite curiosity and foster a sense of wonder.

Our School Readiness program is designed to smooth the transition to primary school, focusing on literacy, numeracy, and social skills. We draw on best practices from leading educational frameworks to ensure your child is fully prepared for the next step in their educational journey.

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