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Embracing Harmony Week at Carlingford ELC!

Carlingford Preschool Learning Through Play

At Carlingford Early Learning Centre (ELC), we believe the essence of early learning is intricately linked to a child’s interaction with their immediate environment. Our childcare centre, nestled in Carlingford, is designed to evoke curiosity and encourage a sense of community through a hands-on learning approach.

This week, Carlingford ELC proudly joined hands in celebrating Harmony Week, an annual event that promotes an appreciation of diverse cultural backgrounds around the globe. Together, we took our little explorers on a culinary tour through the vibrant heritage of Asia.

It was a joyous day in our Goldfish Room, where we created a special experience for these young minds. The highlight? The children, donning their adorable little chef hats, tapped into their inner culinary masters and made some authentic tasting sushi!

Learning Through Play

Our centre strongly believes in ‘#learningthroughplay’, and activities like creating sushi are a perfect way to keep the spirit alive. Not only does it stimulate their creativity and curiosity, but it also serves as a great way to introduce them to a myriad of textures, tastes, and traditions from different cultures.

At Carlingford ELC, we integrate fun and engaging experiences with meaningful learning outcomes. We found that making sushi fostered fine motor skills, by encouraging the children to roll and wrap with precision. It also offered a fantastic opportunity to introduce basic mathematical concepts like shape, size, and quantity.

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Plus, what better way to promote a ‘#healthylifestyle’ among our kids than engaging them in cooking and tasting their own food? Young children are more likely to try new foods when they are involved in its preparation. Thus, our sushi-making experience was an ideal approach to enrich their palate and foster healthy eating habits.

As part of our ‘#harmonyweek’ celebration, we could not have asked for a more enriching way to strengthen our community spirit, nurture multicultural understanding, and instil the core values of respect and acceptance.

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At our Carlingford based preschool, we are committed to creating an inclusive, progressive, and stimulating environment where every day is a new learning journey.

If you are looking for an earlylearning centre in Carlingford that celebrates diversity, fosters creativity, and places your child at the heart of our curriculum, Carlingford ELC is ready to welcome you and your little one.

Stay tuned as we bring more engaging experiences from our rooms at Carlingford ELC. If you want to learn more about us, visit our website or find us on Instagram at @carlingfor_delc for the latest updates.

As we embrace the world in all its diversity, we’re raising our young learners to be global citizens, full of wonder and ready to take on the world around them.

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